Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Million Dollars

Well this is odd; I got a letter in the mail from Doctors Without Borders today.  As you may know, I’m attempting to raise money for DWB on October 22nd at the Runners Without Borders event (click the link for more info).  I have donated to this organization at times in the past, and for their part they, like everyone else who wants your disposable income, periodically send me letters exhorting me to send them even more money.  I’m working on it, I think, as I open the letter which states in red bold letters, MATCHING GIFT OPPORTUNITY.  Usually this means that they want you to hit up your place of employment for matching contributions from them.  That’s all well and good for some, but I happen to know my employer won’t do that for me.  So I almost don’t even bother opening the letter, since I’m pretty sure I know what it’s going to say.

But the envelope seems thicker than usual, so I open it.  And they’ve included a cool map of the world, and a letter that contains a pleasant surprise for all of us Runners Without Borders participants and donators.  Apparently I don’t have to hit up my employer, because a nice lady named Audrey Steele Burnand will be matching all donations to Doctors Without Borders between now and November 15th, up to one million dollarsSo that includes us!
And yes, feel free to say that in a Dr. Evil voice.  It may not be appropriate but it sure is fun.  Is it wrong that the first thing I think of when I read about this incredible act of generosity from Ms. Burnand is Sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads?

In all seriousness, now that is generous.  Wow.  And you know what?  I am including Audrey Steele Burnand as a pledger (seriously is that a word?) to my Runners Without Borders event!  Basically we just doubled this whole thing thanks to Ms. Burnand.  I suspect she, like I, is motivated by the seriousness of the situation in Somalia and the need to get medicine and help there quickly.  A tip of the cap to the generous lady, and we will try to do our part to make her write a check with 7 digits.

Now as of today in our fine event we have 5 pledgers who are donating one dollar for each person who runs a lap at RWB, up to varying amounts.  Which means simply by showing up on October 22nd and running a loop you are raising $5 for DWB.  And now with Ms. Burnand’s matching gift, you are earning $10 per loop.  And if you’re pledging a dollar per mile that you run, which is another popular pledge, well, now  DWB is getting $2 per mile for your efforts.  A $10 flat pledge just became $20.  Easy money.  Nice.

So if you’re on the fence about joining in and running, please come out, even if you can’t pledge anything.  Last Saturday when I started this thing you were worth $1 to DWB.  Now you are worth $10.  And if we get some more pledges, well, you do the math.  This is pretty freaking cool.

The older post contains a list of current participants and pledges.  To add your name to the list, please email me at or click “attending, yo” (or whatever the button says) to the facebook event page.  And if you have worked out a pledge and care to share it with me, also please let me know that as well, thanks!

I’m attaching a scan of the letter for your perusal:

No word on the sharks with laser beams though.

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