Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Marathon Du Slush, 2015

Marathon Du Slush
November 7, 2015, 8 am
Fort Collins, CO
"It's legit!"

The Recap:

A charming mid-Fall day in the Fort witnessed the beginning of a special tradition.  The First Marathon du Slush!  10 competitors toed the line on a crisp, sunny morning for the 8 am start.  7 completed the surprisingly challenging and leg-destroying course.  2 Brits half-assed their way through a self-proclaimed half marathon course.  And 1 participant inaugurated the "mystery k" Sherpa course.

The field started out in a bunch for the first 10 miles, with scant seconds separating first from last.  This began to change after the Whiskey aid station at miles 10, when Mike and Sarah broke apart the field with a surge down the backside of Bingham Hill.  The remaining 5 marathon participants jockeyed for third on the Horsetooth Hills.  By the time the runners reached South Dam, Ryan and Emily and Alex had gapped Justin and Slush.  At the May Aid at mile 20-ish Justin and Slush caught up with Alex, and Justin made a late charge.  Slush and Alex plodded on through Spring Creek and Alex eventually surged past Slush, and then caught Justin as well.

Up at the front Sarah and Mike ran together with Mike graciously granting Sarah the overall at the nose.  Emily entertained thoughts of catching Sarah but ended up settling for a podium spot some 8 minutes off the pace.  Ryan cruised in comfortably under the 4 hour barrier, with Alex, Justin, and Slush all sauntering in a bit over the 4 hour mark and in the case of Slush, complaining loudly, and wondering why he thought this was a good idea.

All agreed that the course was tough, and that including south dam and its attendant hill was "totally unnecessary" and "not at all appropriate".  But there are no plans to change the route.

In the half-marathon division a couple of Brits ran around for a bit and then wandered off for a pint and a bowl mushy pees.

And in the mystery k division Chris Roberts took the crown, and took a bunch of jackets and hats back to the start/finish, so that's pretty legit as well.

Will this become an annual thing?  Stay tuned!

The Results:
Runner Time Place
Sarah Omann 3:34:22 1
Michael Hinterberg 3:34:22 2
Emily Warner 3:42:06 3
Ryan Quinnelly 3:47:07 4
Alex May 4:11:04 5
Justin Liddle 4:14:10 6
Scott Slusher 4:21:19 7
Half Marathon
Ruth Waller-Liddle 1:44:21 1
The Nick Clark 1:44:22 2
Chris Roberts ?? 1

the route:

the map:

The entrants:
Slush Pup
Alex MayDay
Emily Airheart
Marie-Hélène Far-running
Justin a Liddle farther to go

Q: I couldn’t find any particulars on the gel brands you will be stocking at the aid stations… 
  A: Uh, that's aid STATION, not stations.
Q: Also, what assorted corral/wave starts will there be, 
 A: The runners should thin themselves out by dodging traffic on Shields at mile 0.1
Q: and what about gear check?  
 A: Just put everything with Maggie Mae 
Q: Chip timing, or chronotrack?  
 A: I'm trying to get Pete to sit on the porch all morning and yell at you when you finish.
Q: Finally, is there a live app where all my family and friends can follow my progress?
 A: No but they can check out my band's YouTube channel all morning, that's pretty cool.
Q: Is there a wheelchair division? 
 A: Wheelchairs will be available after the race.
Q: A relay division? 
 A: never.
Q: Will the shirts be technical or cotton, and are they gender-specific? 
  A: thick, absorbent cotton
Q: what time is the race expo tomorrow?
  A: 7:37 - 7:38 pm

The Passion: