Monday, August 31, 2009

Motor Free Day 1

Sunday August 30th, MFM Day 1

Really it was quite uneventful, but since it was the first motor free day, I feel it deserves a post on the old blog.

The only bike trip of note was a (approx.) 3 mile trip across town to Blake and Emma's house for a cookout in the evening. C_ and I realized that we only have enough functioning bike lights for one bike, so I put the white headlight on my bike and we put the red tail light on hers, and we caravaned across town using the two-bikes-one-light method. Note to self, go to the bike store and get more lights today! The way home was dark as well, so I got my first of many night rides in today.

Probably the most amusing thing is that somehow we got "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger stuck in our heads, except we substituted the lyric "motorin'" with "motorless"

Song of the Day:

We're motorless,
What's your price for flight?
And Finding Mr. Right?
You'll be all right, tonight.

What the heck does that mean anyway?

Today I'll bike to work and home for lunch, and bike to yoga after work, and then stop by the store on the way home from yoga to pick something up for dinner. Incidentally I now feel like I should be living a more exciting life because I'm blogging about it. The guys from Night Ranger seem to be living an exciting life. Just look at their picture! What's their secret?

And why did all the 80s keyboard players dress up like doctors or scientists?

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