Thursday, August 27, 2009

Motor-Free in 5 days (MFM-5)

The Motor Free Month starts officially next Tuesday, September 1st. It actually may start as soon as Sunday August 30th, but I'm reserving the right for one final trip through the McDonald's Drive through in the full-size truck. Just to feel, you know, red-blooded American one last time before embarking on this motor free adventure.

I have several activities lined up for September that will tax the viability of living motor free. These I will now list:

September 5th, the New Belgium Tour De Fat. This won't tax anything as it's a celebration of all things motor-free. but it's noteworthy nonetheless.

September 6th, planning a golf outing to a local course. Could be interesting hauling the clubs and bag across town on the bike. A trailer would come in handy here, I'll try to avoid something so practical (and expensive!!!) though.

September 7th, probably a hike at Greyrock trail. The trailhead is about 15 miles from home.

September 12, a CSU football game! How to tailgate without a tailgate?
Sepberber 13, a trip to Longmont to see the 'rents. 30 miles one way. Unless I can convince them to come to the Fort instead?

September 20, a half marathon race in town.

September 25-27. The Great American Beer Festival. In Denver. Will have to cycle down to Denver from the Fort, I suppose, if I want to enjoy samples of tasty fermented goodness.

Not to mention the usual daily activities including work, shopping, visiting friends, group runs, etc.

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