Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MFM Day 11: We don't need no stinkin' bicycles!

September 9th, 2009, Motor Free Month Day 11

Bicycles? We don't need no stinkin' bicycles!

I decided to ditch the bike altogether today and jog to work on foot this morning. This required some advance planning as I needed to leave a set of work clothes in the office locker room (not nearly as nice as it sounds) the night before, or run to work in my slacks, or carry a backpack with work clothes while I ran. I did opt for option one there. Of course I had to stash my work clothes surreptitiously since the lockers are supposed to be only for "9 to 5" use. Don't ask why. There's no reason.

I had to leave home earlier than usual as it takes me about 20 minutes to run to work, as opposed to 12 minutes or so on the bike (and about 8 minutes in the car, incidentally). It's nice to live two miles from work! The run in was cool and cloudy, very pleasant. All I carried with me was my work badge (we don't need no stinkin badges!!) so I could get in the door. I worked up a bit of a sweat but the locker room has a shower so no harm done there. My work clothes were still where I left them the night before so that was good. However I forgot a couple of critical items. Let's just say my job title this morning was "IT Specialist, Commando Division".

Your mission, IT Commando, should you choose to accept it, is to sit in every chair in the second floor conference room.

Wilco, ELT, captain!

Also my work shoes were up at my desk, so I had to walk from the locker room to my cube in bare feet. Also forgot socks, eeeew.

The idea was to go bike free all day and just run all over town, but I forgot we were meeting some friends for dinner after work. I really didn't want to try to run home after jamming my face full of Nepalese buffet, so I opted for the bike in the afternoon, meaning I had to run home at lunch, eat lunch, and then switch to the bike for the remainder of the day. You think Motor Free is difficult? Bike Free is just straight-up loco.

I think we'll try this "motor and bike free" day again next Wednesday. Clearly I have some logistics issues to work out!

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