Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MFM Day 30: Nightclub Jitters

September 28th, 2009

Motor Free Month Day 30, Nightclub Jitters

Well it's back to normal, what constitutes normal for Motor Free Month I suppose. A typical weekday: Bike to work, back home for lunch, back to work, then a work out, and then maybe out for a beer at our favorite local watering hole, the Trail Head. T-Head is a divy sort of place, with cheap food and beer, and it suits me. It seems to suit me more when I'm Motor Free. It may be the jumbled mass of bikes out front, secured to every inch of railing and street post; everyone seems to ride their bikes here. Why, they're just like me! Also the dress code is super-college-casual. No one is dressed to impressed in this dump. And riding my bike everywhere, I'm really not going for a fashion statement. I've frequently got on my hat and gloves, my windbreaker and my little reflective pant leg protector. Oh yeah, looking good.

We did ride our bikes to the steak house for C_'s birthday earlier in the month, and we did dress up for the occasion, but it didn't seem quite as natural as Trail Head attire. The point of all this is that being motor free kind of does pigeon-hole one into a certain style of nightlife.

Let's survey Motor Free compatibility using fine works of art to represent different types of nightlife options:

Here we see the fancy bar. Like a Martini bar, I suppose. Far too fancy for the Motor Free Set. Whatever would we wear?

Now the late-night diner. Denny's or Perkins I suppose, though this place looks much cooler. I think one could barely pull off Motor Free at this particular diner, but there's be no problem hanging Motor Free at Denny's or some coffee shop.

Aaaah, the Moulin Rouge. Or a modern dance club equivalent. Motor Free Folk have the right spirit, but entirely the wrong dress. I'd like to say yes but alas I don't think we'd fit in.

What about a punk Rock show at the Aggie? "Come as you are," you know? I think Motor Free Freaks will fit in just fin here. Motor Free Month approved.

Looking for more information on Jackson Pollock?  Look no further than Here!

The seedy pool hall. This is probably the closest representation of the Trail Head here. I think Motor Free Folk would fit in nicely here. This is probably our best bet.

Observe now the boat cruise ("I'm on a boat, y'all!"). It has a nice outdoor feel which suits Motor Free, but ultimately I'm skeptical that we'd fit in with this crowd.

Even before going Motor Free I preferred the Trail Head to the Dance club or the Martini bar. So it could be argued that my natural preference for a place that welcomes the Motor Free set indicates a predisposition for going Motor Free. You high-class martini-lovers are at a disadvantage!

Slush, Stay thirsty my friends, 2009

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