Saturday, September 19, 2009

MFM Day 21: What's Golden

September 19th, 2009; Motor Free Month Day 21

Song of the decade: Jurassic 5, What's Golden

What a day! Pure Gold. a "2%'er", my friend Scott would say. Golden for the first gold leaves of the season I saw on my bike ride to the CSU football stadium. Also for the "Knights of the Green and Gold", and a gift-wrapped win over the Nevada Wolfpack.

I don't really have any big thoughts or big ideas today, and I'm pretty happy about that. It was one of those "in the moment" days, not too much room for reflection, and therefore discourse. Just got up and just had a golden day around town. I took three bike trips today, once to the horse tack shop with C_, then across town and back to the football game, and finally out to dinner at venerable Avo's.

Mural at Avo's by Susan K Dailey, Fine Artist

The ride to the stadium, heck the whole day, was so pleasant it was practically criminal that I got credit for it being Motor Free. It felt like something I would just enjoy doing all on it's own terms. It certainly didn't feel Motor Free, it just felt right. Which is ironic because riding my bike to the football game is one of the least likely biking activities I can think of. And also kind of silly, considering C_ and our friend Heather drove while I rode. So this was the second time this month I rode and she drove from and to the exact same place! Silly, ironic, just my style. Although I did feel like a biking super-hero leaving the football game as I was able to maneuver quickly through the long queue of cars on my way out of the parking lot. C_ and Heather actually beat me home but I attribute that fluke occurrence to the fact that I hung out at the stadium for far longer than they. That's what I'm telling myself at least.

But I didn't mind hanging out at the stadium, for the weather was ideal Saturday, for watching a game or riding around town. This was perhaps made more so by the knowledge that the weather was supposed to turn for the worse the next day. I think I've pointed this out before, but weather plays a critical role in living Motor Free. I obsess about the weather anyway (my favorite part of the newscast!) but it actually matters a lot more to me now. I have a general sense of dread wondering what fiendish winds and storms tomorrow might bring at this point. And it makes me almost desperate to wring as much enjoyment out of today as possible. Bad weather is tolerable in a car, but merely survivable on bike.

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